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Collaboration with industries and technological transfer

Since more than 10 years the COLD group collaborates with the company Elettromare today Sky Tech s.r.l. (La Spezia) for the development of CCD controllers. Important example of this collaboration and know-how transfer has been the realization of all the CCD controllers for the National Telescope Galileo (TNG).
From more than 5 years we collaborate with small companies (PMI) local, that are specialized in production of hardware and software of high technological content. Between these companies we wish to cite HITEC 2000 (Gravina di Catania) specialized in cryogenic systems operating under vacuum conditions and E-Service (Misterbianco) specialized in design of miniaturized analog electronic, micro-electronics and hybrid devices.
Last but not least the group collaborate with ST Microelectronics to search innovative detectors suitable for astronomical applications that require technology breakthrough.

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