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CCD controllers

The development of the third generation CCD controller started about three years ago in collaboration with the INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Padua and the SkyTechnologies, has been completed successfully during this year. Furthermore various Visual C++ procedures have been developed to manage the CCD controller in a similar manner as the previous in use at our telescope sites. Three complete systems have been assembled by SkyTechnologies and tested at our laboratory. A 42-40 CCD ( $2048 \times 2048$ pixels) manufactured by e2v has been used to test the performances of all the three controllers. All systems are able to set 16 independent biases, 16 clocks and read four channels simultaneously at a pixel-rate of 420 $Kpixel/s$ without degrading the intrinsic CCD noise.

Innocenza Busa' 2005-11-14