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One of the most important problems of modern Physics is the problem of the Dark Energy, the fact that most of the energy density content of the Universe is contained in the cosmological term $\Lambda$, so that the vacuum energy density $\rho_\Lambda \equiv \Lambda/8\pi G$ is of the same order of the critical density (including dark matter). This problem is deeply connected with the problem of the cosmological constant (why is $\Lambda$ so small?), and therefore it involves an overlapping domain between Particle Physics and Cosmology.

The Catania section of INFN, has then supported an ongoing project aimed to address this issue, which involves Mainz University (Prof. M.Reuter), the Physics Department of Naples University (Prof. C.Rubano) and the Naples section of INFN (Dr. G.Esposito). Out of this collaboration, a new approach, based on the renormalization group approach to this problem has been proposed. The following sections are then a brief summary of what has been achieved in the past year.

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