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Osservatorio Astrofisico
di Catania

Annual Report 2004

June, 30$^{th}$ 2005

INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
Città Universitaria
Via Santa Sofia 78
I-95123 Catania (Ct)
Phon +39 095 7332111 / Fax +39 095 330592

``Mario Girolamo Fracastoro'' Mountain Station
Contrada Serra la Nave (Mt. Etna)
Ragalna (Ct)
Altitude: 1725 m; Longitude: +14$^o$ 58.4$'$; Latitude +37$^o$ 41.5$'$
Phon +39 095 911580

Edited by: I. Busá, M.E. Palumbo, S.Scuderi
Printed: June 30$^{th}$, 2005
Cover: The Transit of Venus observed the 8th of June with the CCD camera mounted on the solar equatorial spar. Starting from upper left corner, images were taken at 05:34:59 UT, 08:41:16 UT, 09:20:01 UT, 11:07:14 UT.

Innocenza Busa' 2005-11-14